Quality Assurance

Inspection Facilities

Quality Assurance Department of AEL is responsible to plan, develop, implement, and maintain Quality system aligned to the requirement of its Vision.The Department is organized and established with expertise and equipment which enables AEL to produce auto parts and components meeting World class standards.

A comprehensive Quality Management System certified by M/S Lloyd’s Register against revised standards of ISO-9001:2008 is in place to assure compliance of high quality standards on Pistons and Radiators.

Availability of sophisticated CMM enables AEL to perform precision measurements on high performance critical components.

CMM Machine

Elaborate Laboratory Tests and Inspection facilities like, Universal Tensile Machine, Spectromax Analyzer and high resolution  microscope etc. facilitates AEL to monitor the quality standards of the raw material and products during different .3stages of production


A wide range of inspection equipment like Telerond Machine, Digital Comparator, Profile Enlarger, and Surface Roughness Tester etc. available in the Standard Room of AEL assist the Quality Assurance System in verification of detailed product quality requirements

Digital Comparator

Surface Roughness Tester

Universal Tensile Machine

Profile Enlarger